He targets ‘milkability’ so first-calvers are robot-ready

The Udder Comfort Backpack Sprayer is quiet, efficient, accurate and versatile.

WESTFIELD, N.Y. — Chad Fredd of Grapeview Dairy in western New York has relied on Udder Comfort for over 15 years, but when his 220 cows moved into robotic facilities 8 years ago, he no longer had the hands-on contact at milking to do his routine post-fresh applications like in the past. He wanted a way for employees to be more consistent and efficient in applying the product now that the cows are in a voluntary milking system.

Last year, Chad got the Udder Comfort Backpack Sprayer to do post-fresh groups. He reports great results that were especially noticeable on his first-calving heifers.

“Now, our first-calf heifers adapt much faster to visiting the robots on their own, due to softer udders, less irritation, less stress, all of which make for happier, healthier, more productive cows with fewer problems, more milk and lower SCC,” Chad confirms.

“We love the Udder Comfort Backpack Sprayer and highly recommend it. We use it every day to apply the product to two groups: post-calving and high conductivity. We find 2x/day for 3 days is optimal for fresh cows, 5 to 7 days for fresh heifers,” Chad reports.

His 220 cows make over 80 lbs/cow/day with SCC consistently below 150,000.

“The Udder Comfort Backpack Sprayer makes it easy to apply the product with great coverage. We get a direct and accurate application, even though our cows are not restrained in the robot facility,” he explains. “This Backpack exceeds our expectations, delivering effective results in our robot facility — without headlocks — that are comparable to when we used to apply it standing in the pit of a parlor with the cow secured.”

The difference, he says, is that the Backpack, with its long wand and specially-designed nozzle, provides a way to do the post-fresh routine applications consistently and accurately without restraint.

“I’ve always been a big fan of Udder Comfort  ever since it first came out,” Chad says, adding that he appreciates the company’s commitment to bring new ideas and tools to market for larger group and voluntary milking system applications “to make it convenient, efficient and cost-effective. Great product, great results, great team.”

The Udder Comfort Backpack Sprayer is quiet and specially-equipped to deliver a broad spray pattern with one pass under the udder, making it ideal for doing groups in stalls, pens, headlocks and parlors. Customers say results exceed expectations, and employees are able to accomplish group applications while achieving greater precision for maximum results minimal cost. See video here

Customers also confirm one gallon of Udder Comfort completes the pre- and/or post-fresh routine for 40 to 50 cows/heifers to receive all 14 applications.

Call 1.888.773.7153 or email willy@uddercomfort.com to learn more!

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