Celebrating all things dairy

June Dairy Month is a special time for appreciation.

We celebrate… The production of high quality milk and nutritious, delicious dairy products with commitment to optimal care of land and cattle.

We honor… Legacies of greatness in people and cow families. The respect, competition, camaraderie and skill of progress.

We value… Longstanding friendships, being part of this dairy community that supports each other in accomplishment and loss, that mentors and invests in the next generation as young people make their mark and look to the future.

We know… This dairy business is also a cherished way of life.

We appreciate… Our dedicated customers, colleagues, friends, our dairy producers, our farm families, our diverse industry, with a spirit of innovation and grit, of shared values and faith.

Our bond is the amazing dairy cow. Her comfort is our passion, helping her reach her genetic potential.

Proud to be part of the journey, our team is grateful for input as we deliver new tools for all types of dairies to efficiently use Udder Comfort because we know this comfort matters.

For tips, news and cow comfort resources, click newsletter signup at our website or email us at sales@uddercomfort.com for a free subscription to Comfort Matters Enews. Thank you for making Udder Comfort #1 in North America.

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